Code of Conduct

The following guidelines have been established by the Pine Mountain Regional Library System to ensure the comfort and safety of all patrons and staff members. All patrons are expected to abide by these guidelines while in the Library or on Library property. Those persons who do not will be asked to leave. If a patron is asked to leave and they refuse, library staff will call the local police. Those patrons who are habitual offenders will not be allowed back in the Library without permission of the Director or his/her designee.

  1. Patrons may not eat or drink while in the Library, except for the meeting room where light refreshments are allowed during scheduled meetings. Patrons may not use alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances while in the Library. Patrons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the Library.
  2. No harassment of library staff or unduly loud and abusive language is permitted in the Library. Adults or children who are blatantly disruptive and who break Library rules will be asked to leave the library.
  3. The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left in any library materials or on the library premises.
  4. Library staff reserves the right to inspect all bags, briefcases, backpacks, containers, books and any similar items.
  5. Adults or children who deface or steal Library property will be prosecuted.
  6. Children or dependent persons, regardless of age, may not be left at the Library for baby-sitting or care-giving purposes.
  7. The Library is not responsible for the safety of unattended children or dependent persons of any age.
  8. Young children may not be left unattended except during scheduled library sponsored programs. Parents are expected to remain in the building while their child is in the program.
  9. Parents will be held responsible for their children’s behavior, even if they are not present while the child is in the Library.
  10. Patrons are not allowed to carry, display or draw any unauthorized weapons while in the Library. Doing so will be reason the staff to notify police.
  11. Patrons should check with a staff member before entering any non-public areas of the Library, such as staff workrooms, offices or storage areas.
  12. Animals, except for service animals, are not permitted in the Library.
  13. Patrons who are using cell phones, pagers or other electronic devices should set them to signal quietly so that other users in the library will not be disturbed. If possible, patrons should go to the lobby, the hallway, the restroom or outside to make or receive a call. If an electronic device must be used in the library, the patron should keep conversations brief and quiet.
  14. Patrons should keep conversations (either in person or via electronic device) quiet in order to avoid disturbing others.