About Us

The Pine Mountain Regional Library System is a group of seven libraries that serve Meriwether, Upson, Talbot, and Taylor Counties in Georgia. You can find the location and hours of the branch nearest you by clicking on your county in the list to the right. The Extension Services Division provides to areas not conveniently served by a local branch library.

Our History

The first publicly supported library service in Manchester began in 1938 and was sponsored jointly by the city of Manchester and the Manchester Woman’s Club in cooperation with the Works Project Administration. The Library was located in the police station and had 100 books borrowed from the state of Georgia.

In 1950, the Meriwether County Library was chartered. In 1951, the Boards of Education in Meriwether, Talbot and Upson counties signed an agreement establishing a regional library system with two state paid librarians. The system’s headquarters library was located in the basement of Manchester’s community building. Taylor County was operating a library in Reynolds and joined the system in 1958. The system was renamed the Pine Mountain Regional Library System.

In 1972, three libraries were opened, one each, in Butler, Talbotton and Greenville and the Headquarters library moved into a new building on Perry Street in Manchester. In 1973, a branch library was opened in Thomaston. In 1980, the Thomaston branch moved into a new building, which was dedicated the Hightower Memorial Library.

In 1994, the Butler and Greenville libraries moved into new building. In 1995, the Headquarters library building was completely renovated and enlarged. In 1997, the Talbotton library moved into a new building. In 2002, a new library was opened in Yatesville, in Upson County. In 2003, the Reynolds library moved into the renovated depot.

Presently, the system has libraries located in Manchester, Greenville, Thomaston, Talbotton, Butler, Reynolds, and Yatesville.