Request for Proposal: Circulation Desk


Pine Mountain Regional Library System is seeking bids for a new circulation desk for Hightower Memorial Library, in Thomaston, Ga.

All bids must be submitted by Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022, by mail or email to:

Pine Mountain Regional Library System
Attn: Jennifer Domenech
218 W. Perry St.
Manchester, GA 31816

Subject: Circulation Desk Bid

Email Jennifer Domenech or call (706) 846-2186 ext. 1008 for more information about specific requirements on the desk or to schedule a time to look at the library space.

Requirements for the desk:

  • Book return
  • Storage — drawers and shelves
  • Corner desk unit
  • Standing desk unit
  • ADA accessible desk unit

The bid should include the cost of each unit (if modular) or total cost of the desk; cost of labor and installation, if available; and cost of shipping, if applicable.

A suggested layout is available here (PDF opens in new tab); however, we are flexible about design.


Photo of current Hightower circulation desk

Photo of current Hightower Memorial Library circulation desk, which needs to be replaced.