Project Dream

Manchester Public Library Fundraising Wish List

In Fall of 2022, thanks in part due to a grant from Georgia Public Library Service, Manchester Public Library was able to complete some much needed renovations — updates to the nearly 30-year-old paint and carpet.


Due to the scope of the project, the library was only able to replace the paint and carpet. This means that the nearly 30-year-old furniture remains…for now. Help make our dreams come true! Every little donation can help modernize Manchester Public Library.

View our Look Book to see our inspiration. Most prices are estimates, and items are subject to change. All donations are welcome — whether it’s a few cents, a wish list item, or a sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring an area of the library, please email

The Look Book is available here (PDF opens in new window).

Project Dream cover page -- Goals: Creating a more open and welcome space for children, teens & adults; Modernizing furniture for all ages; Adding early literacy stations for children; Creating a gaming center for teens